Hell Hunt

The Hell Hunt is a high-octane search for SCAG (Shit Campers All Get) that pits Camp Creepers against hordes of monsters, survival games, and everyone’s worst psychological fears! Camp Creepers will face the most hair raising, gut wrenching, anxiety inducing experiences of their lives in order to compete.   Camp Creepers will have to hold their breath, not move a muscle, and try not to scream as they are sniffed and stalked by the Chupacabra inside a twisting labyrinth; they will bathe in a ritual of blood, fire, and gore at the throne of the Cannibal God Kon Tiki; they must out wit and out play the lycan-facisit soldiers of the Wolfs Den; and try not to throw up after being bombarded inside the Ramball by the Goatmen…all this and much more terror and fun are in store for those Camp Creepers who THINK they have the stones to play.  Throughout all of this the Camp Headmaster continuously throws wrenches into the game with rule changes and spontaneous challenges that slowly weed out the weak, exposing the true Hellmasters!

First Rule:

  • We can change the rules – when we want, for any reason we want and without any notice. You’ll need to be listening to the camp announcements for the rule changes if you have any hope of escaping elimination.

Hell Hunt Vocabulary – Get To Know it

  • Hell Zones – Main areas of the Hunt where most SCAG (Shit Campers All Get) resides
  • Speed Bumps Challenges – The Camp Headmaster isn’t going to crown you a Hellmaster easily. You’ll need to prove you’ve got the guts to make it through Blood Tag, everyone’s favorite Camp Skits, and a few other surprise challenges! Be listening for important rule changes, as missing them will disqualify hundreds of Camp Creepers in one fell swoop.
  • Crowd Surges– Our camp staff isn’t going to make it easy for you. These are challenges that may leave you kidnapped, caged or trunked. You must use your highly coveted SCAG items to barter your way out.
  • Dossier– Otherwise referred to as the Camp Bible. It is imperative that you print your Dossier BEFORE YOU ARRIVE AT CAMP and bring it with you. This is a mandatory SCAG (Shit Campers All Get) item and without it you will not be crowned Hellmaster.
  • SCAG (Shit Campers All Get) – These are the items for which you will be hunting.  A list of all SCAG will be found in your Dossier.  Only ONE of each SCAG item can be found in your SCAG bag or you will face disqualification.  Some SCAG is progressive, and will need an additional SCAG item to complete it.
  • Hellmaster – The ultimate prize, the ultimate bragging rights, the status all Camp Creepers seek, but few achieve – upon being crowned a Hellmaster, you receive a sash and an official patch that you affix to the sash. Each patch shows the city, state, and year in which you became a Hellmaster. This makes the most ambitious Camp Creepers thirsty to conquer other cities. The more patches you earn, the more prestigious you become in the network of Hellmasters. When wearing your sash at future Campouts and all Ten Thirty One Productions events, Hellmasters will be entitled to special VIP perks and privileges.