About The Great Horror Campout

The Great Horror Campout is a 12-hour, overnight, interactive horror camping adventure. Campers can choose their level of engagement when they choose their activities and tent zone. The experience can be an extreme horror adventure or a more mild horror adventure. It’s completely up to the camper.

Regardless of how high the camper chooses to turn up the volume on their experience, all content is strictly for entertainment purposes and at no time will campers ever be in real danger.

The Great Horror Campout at its core is just FUN!

What is it?

The Great Horror Campout (GHC) is a “choose your own adventure” overnight, interactive camping experience.

For A Lower Octane (Less Extreme) Horror Experience:

Campers can decide how extreme they want their experience to be when they choose their activities. Horror movies, games, ghost stories, and arts and crafts are all examples of agendas for campers who want a more laid back haunted experience. These campers can also opt for a tent in our Chicken Zone where they can hang with friends free from monster visits.

For A High Octane (VERY EXTREME) Horror Experience:

Our High Octane Horror fans will choose a much different level of engagement by booking their tent outside the Chicken Zone in any of the other four tent sections that keep them fair game all night long. No rest for the wicked. Camp Creepers who IMMERSE themselves in the Hell Hunt will compete for the coveted title of HELLMASTER! It takes strategy, cunning, and a little “gettin’ up in there, to hunt down the mandatory SCAG (Shit Campers All Get) items.

Camp Creepers will face the most hair raising, gut wrenching, anxiety inducing experiences of their lives in order to compete.   Camp Creepers will have to hold their breath, not move a muscle, and try not to scream as they are sniffed and stalked by the Chupacabra inside a twisting labyrinth; they will bathe in a ritual of blood, fire, and gore at the throne of the Cannibal God Kon Tiki; they must out wit and out play the lycan-facisit soldiers of the Wolfs Den; and try not to throw up after being bombarded inside the Ramball by the Goatmen…all this and much more terror and fun are in store for those Camp Creepers who THINK they have the stones to play. Throughout all of this the Camp Headmaster continuously throws wrenches into the game with rule changes and spontaneous challenges that slowly weed out the weak, exposing the true Hellmasters!

For Everything In-Between there’s always A SAFE PHRASE:

Should campers find that they just can’t take anymore, or feel a little dribble of urine heading down their inner thighs, they can always shout the safe phrase “I WANT MY MOMMY” and we promise all the big bad monsters will back off. Although we can’t understand why anyone would want them to.

The Great Horror Campout lasts 12 hours (8pm-8am). Campers will have the opportunity to meet a plethora of species that were only thought to have existed in legend. The Campout is suitable for adults 18 and over.

Although there is suitable time for sleeping, the residents of the woods never sleep.

The Campout is a high scare, high startle experience. There will be no refunds after a ticket is purchased and a patron has entered the campsite.

Prior to Arrival

  • Purchase Tickets Online
  • Print Tickets or download them onto a smart phone

Upon Arrival

  • Must show ID and Credit Card used for purchase before admitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Twenty four hours before arrival, campers should check email for their Hell Hunt dossier. The dossier contains a map of all the creature zones, the species of creatures that reside on the grounds, and a list of the items for which campers will search. In an effort to be environmentally conscious, extra dossiers WILL NOT be available at camp. Campers must print or download them to their smart phones and bring them.

Campers will arrive at 8pm and report to Base Camp for:

  • Ticket Check-in/Tent Assignment
    • Tents sleep two or four campers.
    • There are a limited number of two-person tents. Book early as they sell out early.
    • If you come alone be prepared to tent share. If you prefer not to share, please be sure you reserve an entire two- or four-person tent.
  • “Hell Hunt” collection bag
  • Camp Announcements: NO ADMITTANCE AFTER 9PM

Campers choose their level of engagement based on:

Tent Zones (yellow is the Chicken Zone)

  • Yellow Tent Zone (Chicken Zone)
  • All other Tent Zones (Interactive, Highly Immersive Terror)


  • Hell Hunt (Interactive, Highly Immersive Terror)
  • Speed Bumps (Interactive, Highly Immersive Terror)
  • Crowd Surges (Interactive, Highly Immersive Terror)
  • Horror Movies (Chicken Zone)
  • Arts & Crafts (Chicken Zone)
  • Games (Chicken Zone)
  • Bonfire (Chicken Zone)

Campers who survive the night report to Base Camp at 7am for the:

  • Hellmaster Crowning Ceremony

All Campers leave the grounds at 8am

Included with Your Ticket:

  • Accommodations for one in a two- or four-person tent (based on availability)
  • Parking
  • Hell Hunt Experience
  • Including: Speed Bumps, Crowd Surges
  • Horror movies
  • Bonfire and Marshmallows
  • Camp Skits
  • Souvenir T-Shirt

NOT INCLUDED (Alumni Survivalists Recommend!)

  • Camp Store with snacks and refreshments for purchase
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Coolers/Picnic Baskets
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Few Changes of Underwear
  • Snuggle Bear and Blanky
  • Drinks/Snacks
  • Flashlights/Headlamps
  • Change of Clothes
  • Towel(s)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Friends